Good examples

  • February 2023
    TelMED - Teleradiology at the service of developing countries and the rest of the world
    TelMed, how was a successful company created? - "When idea, knowledge and investment come together, you get a startup, and when those three come together with medicine, you get doctors without borders of the 21st century."...
  • January 2023
    Psychotherapists from Niš developing a unique application that will make psychological help and support available
    In order to make the necessary psychological help and support available to citizens, at any time and in any place, a team of a ten psychotherapists from Niš designed an application that will help overcome depression, anxiety and fears, as well as obsessive-compulsive, panic and other disorders....
  • January 2023
    Local Startup Seven Bridges Becomes Part of New American Company Velsera
    Seven Bridges, a local startup which develops advanced products in the field of biomedicine, has joined forces with the companies Pierian and UgenTec to become part of the company Velsera with the headquarters in Boston....
  • December 2022
    Beehold - Innovation from Niš Keeping Bees in Serbia and Kenya
    Digitization is finding its way into the world of agriculture with an ever-increasing confidence and variety of applications, so the attempts to facilitate and upgrade nearly all agrarian segments are increasingly frequent as well....
  • November 2022
    The innovative electrified field irrigation ranger saves farmers time and money
    Looking for an energy-efficient solution in irrigation systems, the Ingel Agro company, led by electrical engineer Milan Ugljanin, designed a unique electrified ranger for field irrigation, and this innovation opened the door to foreign markets, so t...
  • November 2022
    The first quantum computer "on neutral atoms" was put into operation by a Serbian physicist
    Serbian atomic physicist, professor Dr. Vladan Vuletić, with his team at MIT University in Boston put into operation the first quantum computer that uses neutral atoms. The transition to quantum computers could be a turning point for the advancement ...
  • November 2022
    "From waste to medicine with the help of microorganisms"
    Waste production has increased massively worldwide in recent decades and shows no signs of slowing down. By 2050, municipal solid waste generation worldwide is expected to increase by approximately 70 percent to 3.4 billion metric tons, which is 0.8 ...
  • November 2022
    Јob fair
    The Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanović, visited the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade, where the 18th Job fair is being held on November 7 and 8....
  • November 2022
    Opening of the first Makers Lab in Vojvodina: Vršac as a nursery for student companies and innovative ventures
    After Čačak, the Education Group opened another Makers Lab, this time in Vršac, in the "Nikola Tesla" School Center. In another multidisciplinary and innovative space, students and teachers will continue to develop their projects and innovativ...
  • October 2022
    The innovation from Sombor "Agro budget system ABS" solves the global problems of agriculture
    The startup from Sombor Agro budget system ABS has developed an innovative software solution for optimizing investments in agricultural production and forecasting the final financial results of production....


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