Open Innovation Club

Through the Open Innovation Club, large and medium-sized companies recognize the problems they have in business and then invite small domestic companies, startups, faculties and institutes to work together to solve these problems, and then make a product out of these solutions that they can export from Serbia. The club will contribute to the development of hundreds of companies in the future, and the most important thing is that they are "made in Serbia" solutions.

Membership in the Open Innovation Club is free and is available to large and medium-sized companies that want to increase innovation opportunities in their sector. The club is already operational, the first call for innovations is planned for the end of August, and the workshop in September.

The activities of the Open Innovation Club are divided into three main categories:
  • organization of "Innovation Call" meetings (meetings by agreement, several times a year between companies and startups and / or small companies selected based on the needs of the company; meetings are confidential and are organized at the will of each member),
  • organizing a "Pitch Day" event (when startups and / or small companies appear in front of an audience - large companies, and then club members directly exchange ideas with startups and / or small companies and explore business opportunities), and finally,
  • organization of workshops (perfect opportunity for exchange and "brainstorming" between members on topics of open innovation and transformation within organizations arising from it).
An additional activity will be the Academy of Open Innovations, which will be realized by the Business Academy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Large companies will suggest topics for startups and / or small businesses, while lectures will be given by experts from various fields with many years of experience.

The goal of the Open Innovation Club is to initiate cooperation between large and medium-sized companies with domestic startups and small companies in order to support the development of the domestic market and obtain developed solutions. In this way, Serbia becomes a destination that is recognized as a center of technology and innovative solutions and as an exporter of knowledge.

Advantages of membership in the Open Innovation Club:
  • increasing innovation capacity (introduction to new technologies and business models, cooperation on projects),
  • cost and time savings (productivity productivity, risk sharing),
  • improving the company's image (socially responsible, innovative company), and
  • initiating changes and trainings within companies (offering courses, trainings, mentoring startups that promote innovative products, examples of best practices of cooperation on projects).
If you are a large or medium company and want to become a member of the Open Innovation Club, you can contact us by email:



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