Infrastructure support

The road from idea to market is long and difficult. Faculties and institutes are everywhere in the world sources of new technologies that are developed in the form of spin-off companies or licenses and eventually valorized on the market.

In this initial risk phase of technology development, it is necessary to provide several types of support:
• One of the most important steps is to identify the idea with market potential while it is still in the research phase. This is the job of technology transfer centers. The role of the Technology Transfer Center, in addition to recognizing innovations at the University, is to prepare a good initial strategy for the development of that innovation and the protection of intellectual property. The center should stimulate the transfer of technology from the academic environment to a private company, while protecting the interests of the University and its researchers.
• When a new start-up or spin-off technology company is established, the challenges at the outset are great. Technology incubators and science and technology parks that provide administrative or infrastructural support then come to the rescue. Incubators allow innovative entrepreneurs to focus on technology development by providing them with administrative, legal and other assistance.

For the development of SMEs, the development of business infrastructure is of great importance, namely: business incubators, industrial parks / zones and technology parks. A company established for the purpose of providing infrastructural support and connecting scientific research, ie innovation organizations and economic entities - in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development can be registered as:
• business-technology incubator;
• science and technology park;
• organization to encourage innovation activities in the priority area of ​​science and technology;
• technology transfer center.
Four science and technology parks and eight business and technology incubators have been registered within the Register of Companies for Infrastructure Support to Innovation Activity, which is maintained by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.
Business-technological incubator is a company whose main activity is to make available, for a fee, business premises, administrative, technical and other services to newly established companies, for a maximum of five years from their establishment. The rights and obligations of service users and business-technological incubator are regulated by a mutual agreement.

• Business-technological incubator of technical faculties from Belgrade
• Business Incubator Novi Sad
• Business incubator Zrenjanin
• Business incubator Subotica
• Business incubator Kristal Infiz Belgrade
• Business incubator Nova Iskra design incubator Belgrade
• Business Innovation Center Kragujevac
• ICT HUB Belgrade, Zvezdara

The business-technology incubator provides early-stage assistance for new start-up companies and business development through its office and research institutions, as well as in the form of technological and telecommunications infrastructure, with administrative support and other forms of business consulting.

Science and technology park is a company that within the defined space provides infrastructure and professional services to higher education institutions, scientific research and innovation organizations, as well as high-tech and medium-tech companies in a particular scientific, research and development or production group with the aim of connecting them and applying as quickly as possible. new technologies, creation and placement of new products and services on the market.
• Science and Technology Park Belgrade, Zvezdara
• Science and Technology Park Cacak
• Science and Technology Park Nis
Science and Technology Park Novi Sad
Business-technology incubator and science-technology park can provide the following services:
• use of office space for work, which can be equipped with furniture, equipment and installations;
• use of common business premises, which are used for business meetings, receptions and other purposes;
• secretarial services;
• administrative services;
• bookkeeping and accounting services;
• advertising and sales services;
• business consulting services;
• telecommunications and information services, which include, inter alia, access to telephone, fax, e-mail and the Internet;
• business planning services;
• financial advisory services;
• training and coaching services;
• financial services;
• technical and other services, in accordance with the law.
The Science and Technology Park aims to provide channels for knowledge transfer, technology development, commercialization of innovative activities and other means to encourage the development of a knowledge-based economy in Serbia.
There is still a lack of infrastructural support for innovation in the Republic of Serbia. Science and technology parks in Novi Sad and Nis are under construction.

The organization for the encouragement of innovative activities in the priority area of ​​science and technology is a company established exclusively for the purpose of performing the activity of encouraging innovative activities in the priority areas of science and technology determined by the strategic document. The organization encourages innovation activities primarily through investments in newly established companies from priority areas, which have a business idea with the potential to provide profit and growth based on the commercial success of innovation and which develop, produce or sell innovative products, processes and services with high scientific knowledge and new technologies. A legal entity may be entered in the Register in the capacity of an organization for the encouragement of innovative activities in the priority area of ​​science and technology.

Technology Transfer Center is a company established exclusively for the purpose of performing technology transfer activities for the application of technological innovations, which includes in particular the search for ideas and partners for technology transfer, assessment of commercial transfer potential, incentives for realization and commercialization of technology transfer and assistance in protection of intellectual property. companies that develop, produce and sell innovative products, processes and services with a high level of know-how and new technologies ogy.
There are currently four technology transfer centers in Serbia, which are evenly distributed regionally because they are connected to state university centers, which enables their even regional distribution:
• Center for Technology Transfer, University of Belgrade
• Technology Transfer Center of the University of Novi Sad
• Technology Transfer Center of the University of Kragujevac
• Technology Transfer Center of the University of Nis.
In addition to existing organizations such as faculties and institutes, special incentives are provided for the establishment of innovation organizations in the form of:
• Development - production centers,
• Research and development centers, and
• Innovation centers.
Development and Production Center is an innovation organization that creates innovations, applies new technologies, markets products, services and technologies, based on its own innovative work and development.
This creates the possibility that in addition to research work in such an innovative organization, one can also produce and place one's own innovation on the market. In this way, it is possible for certain innovative products, created at faculties, institutes or within a certain group, to be produced and improved in development and production centers whose owners and founders can be the institutions in which the authors of the solution are employed. This shortens the time from the emergence of the innovation to its placement on the market, which is most important for the competitiveness of the innovation.
A research and development center is an innovation organization in which applied and development research is performed, innovations are created and new knowledge and technologies are placed, in its own production and services or in the production and services of other economic entities. This is an organizational form that provides an opportunity to conduct scientific and development research in specific scientific and economic areas of interest, primarily for certain companies, regions and local governments. There is also the possibility that production can be performed within the research and development center, in order to shorten the required time from the creation to the realization of the innovation.
Innovation Center is an innovation organization in which in an original and systematic way apply their own and others' scientific results and modern technological processes to create innovations, develop prototypes, new products, processes and services or improve existing ones in a particular field and transfer knowledge and technology to production and services of other economic entities. This organizational form, above all, should serve the training of young professionals in postgraduate and doctoral studies, for later independent scientific, research, development and innovation work.



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