• December 2022
    Public Call Open: "Serbia and the EU: Equipment for the Economy"
    On June 1, 2022, the Ministry of Economy announced a public call for grants within the Program "Serbia and the EU - Equipment for the Economy". The program of support to domestic businessmen, which the Ministry has been continuously implementing sinc...
  • December 2022
    Public call for the program for beginners 2022.
    The program to encourage the development of entrepreneurship through financial support for beginners in business in 2022 is implemented by the Ministry of Economy) in cooperation with the Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia....
  • November 2022
    In the period from September 15th to November 15th, 2022, innovative enterprises and teams can participate in the new Public Call for grants through the Innovation Fund’s support programmes. Funds of EUR 3.2 million&nbs...
  • November 2022
    EU grants for science and competitiveness
    The European Commission has announced a call for grants for projects in the fields of competitiveness (SME, research and development, ICT, tourism, business infrastructure, industry and trade) and science and research....
  • October 2022
    The program of the Innovation Fund - Katapult is the first accelerator in Serbia that provides young companies with intensive, three-month mentoring and connection with investors....
  • October 2022
    Оpen Call for the Carpathian Sturtup Fest
    If you have a business idea, developing or launching a startup, take advantage of the funding opportunities at the Carpathian Sturtup Fest which will take place in Poland, on October 13th and 14th....
  • October 2022
    Public Call for Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities - DARIAH ERIC
    DARIAH ERIC (Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities - European Research Infrastructure Consortium), as one of the twenty-three research infrastructures of the European Commission that give direction to European science, has published...
  • October 2022
    Competition for awards of the World Intellectual Property Organization - applications until October 10
    The competition for the award of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for 2022 in four categories of competition has been opened....
  • September 2022
    Open call for the selection of the Top 100 projects in the field of artificial intelligence application
    The International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) from Slovenia, which has the status of a UNESCO center of category II, has announced a public call for the selection of Top 100 projects in the field of artificial intelligence on ...
  • September 2022
    WIPO Special Award - “Success Flower for the Dragon Woman”
    In the framework of the manifestation “Success Flower for the Dragon Woman”, the Association of Business Women in Serbia opened a competition on June 17, 2022 for the XVI time for the selection of the best business women in Serbia....


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