Eight professors from Serbia on the prestigious scientific list of researchers

Eight mathematicians from Serbia are on the list of the best world scientists in the field of mathematics for 2023, the academic platform for researchers Research.com announced.


The first on the list is academician Ivan Gutman, from the University of Kragujevac, who took a high 57th place in the world ranking. The second is Stevo Stević, from SANU (250), and the third is Stojan Radenović, from the University of Belgrade (931). They are followed by Endre Pap from the University of Singidnum (1,465), Zoran Kadelburg, professor at the University of Belgrade (1,922), Teodor M. Atanacković from the University of Novi Sad (2,057), Dragoš Cvetković from the University of Belgrade (2,118) and Stevan Pilipović from the University of Novi Sad (2,211).

The researchers analyzed the results of 6,200 scientists from various bibliometric sources, and the list includes the top 2,000. The criteria were the H-index of the discipline, the proportion of contributions of scientists in a given discipline, as well as awards and achievements of researchers.

The largest number of mathematicians on the list is from the United States of America and they make up 47 percent of the leading scientists in this field. Seven percent of them are from Great Britain, 5.5 from Germany, 4.9 from France, as many as from China. First on the list is the American mathematician Jerrold E. Marsden, of the California Institute of Technology. The largest number of mathematicians in the first thousand is from Berkeley, 27 are working at this American university this year.

Source: Novosti 





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