Regional WIPO Webinar on Calculation of Damages Caused by Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) are jointly organizing a regional webinar on the calculation of damages resulting from the violation of intellectual property rights, which will be held online on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

The aim of the event will be to deepen the knowledge of the participants from the countries of Central Europe, the Baltic and the Mediterranean (CEBSMC) about the assessment and calculation of damages for intellectual property violations through the exchange of relevant experiences from different European countries. The webinar will present key information of interest to participants such as judges, prosecutors, enforcers, lawyers and intellectual property representatives, as well as members of professional bodies in this field.

The languages ​​of the event are English and Hungarian with simultaneous translation. 

See the event program and sign up for free participation with mandatory registration at the following link.

Source: Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia


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