Serbia became a full member of the Erasmus + program

Today, the Republic of Serbia has officially become a full member of Erasmus +, the largest educational program of the European Union, whose assets are 14.7 billion euros.

The agreement on the accession to this program was announced today in Brussels by Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Mladen Sarcevic and European Commissioner for Culture, Youth and Education Tibor Navracic. Apart from Serbia, the status of a full member of the Erasmus + program has only five non-EU countries - Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Iceland.

Erasmus + is a European Union program that provides funding for cooperation projects in three areas: education, youth and sport.

Erasmus + helps the constant development of the education system of the Republic of Serbia through support to projects that in its basis have topics that are in line with the national priorities of the Republic of Serbia in the field of education. Educational institutions of the Republic of Serbia receive through this program and funds for projects that support development, application of innovative practices and exchange of experiences at the European level. Employees in institutions, as well as students, can go to short-term exchanges in European countries.

There are currently more than 300 projects in which schools, youth organizations, universities, companies are participating ... Over 2,000 students and more than 300 teachers, students and youth workers are exchanging these projects annually. With full participation in the Erasmus + program, opportunities for professional development abroad will be increased.

The Republic of Serbia and its educational institutions participated in the Erasmus + program from the beginning of 2014, but in a limited capacity, or as a partner country in the Western Balkans region. Since the beginning of the Erasmus + program in 2014, Serbia is the first in the Western Balkans region, the number of approved projects, both the amount of funds and the number of people going for exchanges in EU countries. So far, educational institutions, as well as youth organizations, have participated in projects with a total value of over € 67 million for all types of projects under the Erasmus + program, and the number of teaching staff, students and students who went to that time International trade in European countries is more than 5,800. In the area of ​​pre-university education, the Republic of Serbia received more funds from this program each year (2017 - 1,000,000 euros, 2018 - 1,700,000 euros), and with full participation in Erasmus +, the budget will increase steadily.

The status of a full member of the Erasmus + Program is one of the foreseen steps towards EU membership under Negotiation Chapter 26: Education and Culture.