Council for Cooperation of Science and Economy

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia was established Council for Cooperation of Science and Economy.

The role of the Council is to promote better cooperation between companies and research institutions, their exchange and networking.

The Council's tasks are:

  • Establish mechanisms for cooperation between science and economy and enable better cooperation and coordination with line ministries, local self-governments,
  • Creating proposals and initiatives that would contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology to the economy with the idea of ​​better economic exploitation of the results of scientific research, in order to create the conditions for better economic development and greater competitiveness of our companies,
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship at the university (spin-offs, start-ups),
  • Encouraging the excellence and relevance of scientific research in Serbia in accordance with the requirements of the economy,
  • Ensuring the excellence and accessibility of human resources for science and economy,
  • Improving international cooperation through participation in scientific-research projects,
  • Encouraging and developing communication between scientific-research organizations with the economy through the exchange of values ​​and practices.