Utva and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Belgrade jointly develop drones - Student Contest

Utva Aviation Industry and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement. The two sides will soon announce a regional competition for students of the final years of technical faculties for the best design solution for a droneship. The best solution will be financially rewarded, and the participants will be given the opportunity to implement this solution.

The aim of the agreement is to connect higher education institutions and economies in order to promote science, innovation and technological development through the implementation of concrete activities that have an educational, applied and development dimension. Concrete results that Utva company has in terms of development and testing of the new aircraft and the possibilities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have led to common interests in the development of new design solutions, testing and development of new technological procedures, according to a statement by Jugoimport SDPR.

Some of the concrete aspects of cooperation are the implementation of the industry 4.0 in the aviation industry, education program, infrastructure improvement, joint participation in the development and implementation of new technologies in aviation, work on research development projects and others.

In addition, students will benefit from this agreement, as they will be able to participate directly in the development and production of aircrafts and be involved in other aspects of the Utva Air Industry industry.

Source: Tangosix