Newsletter of the Innovation Department for the first quarter of 2021 published

The electronic bulletin of the Innovation Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia presents an analysis of current events and trends in the field of research and development, as well as innovations in the domestic economy. Through CCIS e-newsletters, we inform members of the chamber system, representatives of the business community and the professional public about all important topics, indicators in the field of innovation, activities and services of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which support innovative activities of the domestic economy.

The goal is to support the creation of an environment for stimulating innovation and launching initiatives that improve business environment for research and development.

We expect that the CCIS e-newsletter of the Innovation Depertment will contribute to better visibility of all activities and information, as well as support to the economy in order to strengthen confidence in the environment for research and innovation. The information, news and analyzes in this CCIS e-newsletter were prepared within the joint activities of the chamber system, the economy and the competent institutions. The analyzes use official data from domestic and foreign institutions, as well as the results of research conducted by the CCIS.

You can view the full text of the newsletter at the following link.