Seminar „With the power of knowledge for a safe future"

More than 750 participants gathered at the "Power of knowledge for a safe future" seminar, which was held from March 13 to 16 in Zlatibor, in the student resort "Ratko Mitrović".

The seminar is organized by the Student Initiative of the Faculty of Security Studies University of Belgrade with the support of the administration of the Faculty of Security Studies and the University of Belgrade.

The seminar was opened by the rector of the University of Belgrade, prof. Dr. Vladan Đokić, Dean of the Faculty of Security Studies UB prof. Dr. Vladimir Cvetković, on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, Head of the Department of Social and Humanities of the University of Defense, Colonel Dr. Saša Devetak and President of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Security, Milica Stojanović. Rector Đokić highlighted the multidisciplinarity of security studies as a key factor in the strong development of this scientific and social field, in accordance with global changes and challenges.

The participants of the seminar are from the Faculty of Security of the University of Belgrade and the Military Academy, as well as related higher education institutions from Niš, Novi Sad, Belgrade and Skopje. Some of the topics this year are from the automafia, the power system, the methodology of discovering secret laboratories for the production of synthetic drugs, to gender equality in the security sector and the career development of alumni.

The Student Parliament of the Faculty of Security has been successfully organizing this professional student seminar for four years, which is one of the most visited and popular seminars organized by students of the University of Belgrade and in the region. More than 3,000 students from Serbia, Republika Srpska, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Russian Federation have participated in the seminars so far.

Source: University of Belgrade



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