WIPO webinar on gender gap in the field of intellectual property

The World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO together with the organization "Invent Together" is organizing a two-day webinar on the gender gap in the field of intellectual property in the European region, which will be held on May 31 and June 1, 2022.

This webinar will enable the gathering of all stakeholders operating in the innovation ecosystem, in order to raise awareness of the existence of this problem. One of the goals of the webinar is to make quantitative and qualitative assessments of the current situation, as well as to discuss policies and other activities that need to be implemented in the process of achieving gender equality in this area.

Two panel discussions will be organized during the webinar. The first panel discussion will discuss the importance of creating policies to overcome gender differences in intellectual property and include women's participation in the innovation ecosystem. The second panel discussion will highlight the approaches and methodologies used by economists in the intellectual property offices of the European region, and will discuss the challenges in identifying and analyzing gender imbalances in the field of intellectual property.

Learn more and apply to participate in the WIPO website.


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