Public competition for the selection of women's innovative entrepreneurial ideas

The Youth Office invites interested parties to apply for the contest for the selection of the best female entrepreneurial entrepreneurial idea in 2019, which is implemented on the basis of the Rules on the implementation of the competition for the best female innovative entrepreneurial idea in 2019.

Participants in the Competition can be:

  • Teams, which make up a minimum of 2 (two), and a maximum of 5 (five) members. Team leader must be female;
  • Entrepreneurs or companies that have been established at the earliest 2 (two) years prior to the publication of this contest. The founder of an entrepreneurial shop must be a female sex / owner of at least 50% of the company must be female.

The application deadline is 20 (twenty) days from the date of the announcement of the competition on the website of the City of Belgrade, or until 04.03.2019.

The conditions that each team member should meet are:

  • Age of 18 of all team members;
  • The idea that they compete in this competition is not the winner of the financial award at the Belgrade City Competition titled "Best start-up idea" held in 2017, as well as at the competition for the best business idea in 2018 of the Foundation for Young Talents;
  • If the applicant is an Entrepreneur or a business company, it is not financed by the City of Belgrade, based on any assistance program.

You can find the application for the competition as well as all the necessary forms for competition on the website of The Youth Office.