A scientist from Serbia is the winner of Portugal's most valuable prize for young scientists

The most valuable award, awarded in Portugal to young scientists "IBM Portugal", was received by a Serbian scientist Dr. Marija Vranic this year.

Marija is awarded for research that describes the interactions of lasers with matter in extreme conditions, at high energies. The Serbian scientist opened the door not only for fundamental research, but also for industrial and medical needs. Namely, in extreme conditions, H-rays or gamma rays can be produced, which can produce "photos" like X-rays, but with much better resolution and X-ray contrast, all in three dimensions. In medicine, this will enable improved diagnostics, while in industry this kind of recording can be used to test the quality of critical components, such as parts of an aircraft engine.

Marija graduated from the Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade, then studied at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade, and graduated from the Institute of Physics, in the gas plasma laboratory. During her studies, she was a junior associate in Petnica and a member of the Student Association of European Students of Technology (BEST). Based on a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Portugal, Maria completed her doctoral studies in Lisbon, after which she spent a period in Prague on a project aimed at constructing lasers ten times more powerful than the most powerful in the world at the moment. Maria lives and works in Lisbon, in the Laser Plasma Group at the Instituto Superior Técnico.

Maria is the second winner of the Portuguese prestigious award for young scientists from Serbia. Ten years ago, Dr. Marko Beko, a professor and program director at the University of Lisbon in Lisbon, won. He earned recognition for research and the field of wireless communications, MIMO technology.

"IBM Portugal" for 28 years rewarded scientific papers that effectively apply the latest generation algorithms or computers for research in various fields of science.