Serbian Students Receive Award for Best Electric Bike in the World

A team of students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, H-Bridges, at the International Competition for Innovative and Energy Efficient Solutions "International Future Energy Challenge" (IFEC) was awarded the best electric bicycle in the world. The finale was held July 29-31 in Madison, USA, with 10 teams from different parts of the world.

Aleksandar Milic, team mentor, as well as team members Jovana Cakic, Miodrag Joksimovic, Luka Knezevic and Milos Milesevic are part of the team whose project was named the best in the world. The team members made a prototype of an electric bicycle in the digital control laboratory and electric vehicles at their faculty and already during the semifinals met all the requirements of the organizers.

"We participated for the first time in 2005 and after that we had a break of 10-11 years. Since 2016 we have started the construction of that system and in the last four years we have participated in this competition three times and we have successfully presented ourselves in the finals three times Last year I took over to lead the team, together with Professor Slobodan Vukosavic, who is the first mentor of this team and together we won fourth place last year.This year we won." said team mentor Aleksandar Milic.