Krušik and Vinča Institute signed the Agreement on Scientific and Business-Technical Cooperation

The management of the Institute for Nuclear Sciences Vinča signed two Agreements with HK Krušik a.d. The Agreement on Scientific and Business-Technical Cooperation was signed with the aim of establishing cooperation on the application of scientific and technological knowledge in order to increase business potentials, as well as creating a basic legal environment for defining specific scientific and technical areas and topics for cooperation.

Annex 1 of the Agreement on Scientific and Business-Technical Cooperation is a precisely defined topic for cooperation, namely the definition and laboratory testing of mixtures of existing raw materials from HK "Krušik", which could be used for the production of thermobaric charging for the warhead of missiles MALJUTKA 2F . The joint work team of Krušik and the Institute has been working on this topic for a long time and significant results have already been achieved. The prospects for the application of this knowledge on other products (mine, unmanned rockets) have been opened, according to the site of HK Krušik.

In addition, there is a need and both mutual interest to extend cooperation to the civilian program and to a joint approach to third parties. A visit by representatives of Krusik Institute was also agreed to review the possibilities of the Institute's laboratory for intensifying cooperation.

Source: ekapija