Cooperation of NIS a.d. with educational institutions

Under the "Knowledge Energy" program, NIS has signed cooperation agreements with the Universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as four universities abroad.

NIS cooperates with 25 individual faculties in the country and abroad, as well as 17 schools in Serbia.
Strategic cooperation with educational institutions implies:

  •         identifying and creating a database of the best students;
  •         the reflection and popularization of natural and technical sciences;
  •         the promotion of engineering professions and faculties of interest to NIS;
  •         presentation of faculties of interest in Serbia and Russia;
  •         scholarships for the most successful students and high school students;
  •         organization of competitions and Olympiad of knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, physics and Russian language;
  •         the popularization of the Russian language through the Olympiad of Knowledge and bilingual departments;
  •         organizing a program of professional practice and field teaching for students in accordance with the principles of the dual model of education;
  •         guest lectures of Company representatives at Universities;
  •         realization of the annual cycle of professionally trained trainings, seminars and educational workshops in the field of oil industry, organized by the Faculty for NIS employees;
  •         the implementation of law binding training for collecting points for renewal of engine licenses in cooperation with individual state faculties;
  •         realization of joint scientific-research projects;
Within the framework of strategic cooperation with the universities in Novi Sad and Belgrade, mutually beneficial guest lectures, as well as professional trainings, seminars and educational workshops in the field of oil industry, are organized by the Faculty for NIS employees.